Unlikely Friendship: Dog Cares for Baby Wallaby

We’ve heard of dogs caring for orphan kitties, chicks, sheep and ducks, but have you ever heard of a dog caring for a baby wallaby? Meet Poppy.+1

In Cornwall, UK, a Labrador cross named Poppy has stepped up to care and serve of mother figure for an orphan baby wallaby named Willoughby.

According to Apex News, the nine-month-old orphan wallaby was rejected by her mother. Fortunately, the Allen family agreed to nurse the macropod. They were surprised to see their dog Poppy caring for Willoughby as much as she does, but are very happy to see the unlikely friendship take place.

“Being with Poppy is contact for Willoughby,” Mandy Allen said. “Following around another animal is a bit more natural for her than being with us really. It gives her warmth and comfort. Like being in her mother’s pouch.”

Willoughby we are so happy you have found the perfect mother role model in Poppy, but we do hope you do know you are a wallaby and not a dog. You are cute anyway.


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