Unloved Dog Abandoned And Lost His Eyes. Months Later, He Receives The Best Gift Possible

Love truly is blind. A doggy’s capability to adapt and see the better part of his or her human counterpart is quite sincerely profound.


Met 2-year-old Ashton from Arizona. Ashton has suffered an unset of that vile disease called humanity. More to the point of the lesser angels and downright witches of mankind’s soul.

A couple of weeks ago, Ashton was thrown out of his house like nothing more that trash. He was given the same respect and adoration of a flimsy dirty mud encrusted couch that soon became his partner in exile by the curb.

Ashton struggled on the balmy Arizona road. Seeking shelter and finding nothing but the shadow of a scorching sun. When he was finally by the AHS (The Arizona Humane Society), he was caught in an almost fatal maelstrom of dehydration, trauma and exhaustion.

His eyes had actually been dislocated from their sockets. Go to the next page to see how this story ends!



Now, Ashton has found a new home. A family that has sworn to protect, love and provide for him, despite his challenging nature.


We wish them all the luck in the world.

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