Update: Abandoned dog left in freezing shelter pen

For more than three hours, an abandoned little dog was left shivering and frightened after someone tied him up in an open outdoor pen in the cold, the wet and the snowy. The Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (A.W.S.O.M.) were called to help.

“Our shelter staff received a phone call last night that put us in a state of panic, and also broke our hearts. At 10:30 last night a neighbor heard barking and went over to the shelter. What he found was this little dog tied up in an open pen outside with a bowl of dry food out of his reach,” the organization posted on their social media page with the heartbreaking photos of the scared and neglected black and white dog.

Dubbed Alexander, the one-year-old black and white dog was matted so badly, he cried out in pain. As the grooming process began, rescuers were shocked to have found wood chips and dead cockroaches tangled in his coat.

A veterinarian examination revealed Alexander has been suffering from a skin, ear and eye infections. In addition, the long nails on his paws had become embedded and painful.

“The physical pain and neglect we are helping him with, but as expected he has emotional trauma and pain. Alexander is so very sweet and wants to love everyone, but he is scared. We are not sure if he was physically mistreated or it is just the trauma from t he way he was discarded, but he needs a lot of TLC and patience.”

This poor guy has a long journey until he is ready to be adopted. To donate to his care, please click here.

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