Update: Broken-Hearted Rottweiler Crushed In Fear At Texas shelter

Once again we meet broken-hearted Rottweiler mix – Blanche. Brought to the shelter on Valentine’s Day, Blanche continues to be crushed with fear and still has a difficult time coping at the shelter with the loud noises and with people she doesn’t recognize.

Sadly, there have been no offers to help her.

“She needs an experienced foster and rescue still. Some people are messaging me about ‘adopting’ her, why only rescue? The reason is because she is very scared, she is not an easy task for someone who is used to have dogs who normally come to you with wagging tail.

Blanche is a special case, she needs to settle down, needs time to decompress, will take a long road for her to get into trusting humans again…,” volunteers from Houston, Save Lives is our Mission posted on Facebook hoping to find a rescue organization willing to help this lost soul.

This girl has suffered enough. It is not known if she was mistreated. Please if you know someone who can foster a special case like this contact Tara. Dogs also like her are flight risk; if they are not kept safe at home or leashed, they will get away and never be seen again.

Share Blanche’s plight – she only has us to help her.

Check out her video here: (copy and paste URL into your browser)


Please contact volunteer for Conroe Animal Shelter Tara at phone 501-339-7773. She is only for RESCUE NOT ADOPTION! Please can you share? PLEDGES needed  for a rescue for help this girl who needs to learn to trust on humans again and feel real love! Can we make that happen? ($295 pledged so far)

Make sure to reference #A028437.

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