Update on 2 teens electrocuted while saving dog from canal

Two teens were electrocuted on Monday trying to rescue a dog in a Solano Irrigation District Canal in Dixon, California. The youths grabbed an electrical source according to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office.

The 17-year-old boys grabbed onto an electrified bridge after jumping into the canal to rescue the dog caught up in the current. According to the SFGateNews, the young  victims Jacob Hourmouzus and Jacob Schneider both died. The dog was injured but survived.

The boys had been crossing a bridge over the canal at an orchard when they spotted a dog that either jumped or fell into the water. When the young men jumped in to save the dog, they grabbed hold of the bridge, but an electric current running underneath it froze the boys’ grip. Another teenager jumped in and was able to knock the two boys free and called for emergency help after pulling them all to shore.

The route had no signs indicating the bridge was electrified, and the sheriff’s office is now investigating why electricity had been running through the bridge.

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