Update on sad bulldog: Matilda has left the building

On Friday, Matilda, an eight-year-old English bulldog languished in her shelter cage at Lancaster Animal Shelter with her head hung low and seemingly having given up on life. Matilda’s owner surrendered her to the shelter on November 28 – just one week after Thanksgiving.

She wasn’t eating, her breathing had become labored, and she had been failed by everyone in her life. Tragically, even with two adoption commitments from the public, no one ever came to the shelter to meet her.

Almost immediately after Pet Rescue Report told Matilda’s story and posted her heartbreaking video, the story went viral. Have you ever seen a sadder face?


Matilda’s plight was shared more than 13,000 times. Multiple adoption offers began to flood in, but the dog’s compromised health issues, including kennel cough and possibly pneumonia, prompted shelter volunteers Cathi Perez and Sal Valdepena to reach out to Southern California Bulldog Rescue for specialized care.


“They are wonderful expert bulldog people,” Cathi stated as she carefully loaded Matilda into the back of her car to make the 100 mile trip to meet a volunteer from Southern California Bulldog Rescue. “I’m so happy for her and only hope and pray she doesn’t have pneumonia.”

“She’s just so sad but she will never see the inside of a shelter or be alone again. She will be loved and spoiled and properly cared for the rest of her life.”


Just hours later, Matilda was greeted like a princess.

Many of you saw the heartbreaking photos and video of this senior gal at Lancaster Animal Care Center. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we arranged pickup and transport for her in a matter of minutes!

Matilda is about 9-10 years old and is in rough shape. We suspect kennel cough, maybe pneumonia. Her eyes look horrible and she is filthy.

She got a warm bath and is spending the night with one of our volunteers before she will make the drive to our vet tomorrow to get checked out.”

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