Uplifting Rescue Stories Amidst Destruction Of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was one of the strongest tropical storms to hit Florida since Andrew came ashore in 1992. For a nearly a week after Michael landed on October 10, winds topping 155 mph bent street signs over, uprooted trees, and left more than 30 people dead.

Now, residents of the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia are picking up the pieces left by the Category 4 storm. According to CNN, many may still be buried under destroyed homes, and piles of rubble.

They have little idea how many are missing, and the death toll continues to rise.

Amidst the destruction and death, there is no shortage of human kindness. People from all walks of life have been lending a hand to help others in desperate need. The National Guard was mobilized before Michael hit, and both they, and military veterans have proven invaluable during this time.

Sgt. Maj. Lance Nutt, founder and president of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, has seen first hand how badly quick and capable response teams are needed in the Southeast U.S.

Help People And Pets Now!

Animals displaced and injured in the wake of Hurricane Michael need your help!

“This is officially our 32nd major disaster over the last eight years that we’ve participated in, and it’s a simple fact of when the need is there and if we hear about extensive damage and people struggling and suffering, that will set us motion for deploying into whatever the need might be,” Nutt told Dothan First.

Military veterans are not only doling out assistance, they’re receiving it, as well. When Iraq War veteran Chance Turner thought he lost his beloved dog Ares during the storm, he was devastated. He searched the beaches around his community for days.

Then he got a phone call.

Someone had found Ares, a PTSD service animal and replacement for Turner’s former dog Buddy. This veteran’s life was restored.

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