UPS Driver Suddenly Saw A Car Slowing Down. What He Saw Next? Shocking.

When you think of a UPS driver, you don’t think – oh the guy who delivers or picks up puppies! (and the drivers don’t either!) But one UPS driver picked up an abandoned puppy and kept her safe! John Harcrow, a UPS driver in California, was out on his route when he saw a car in front of him stop, open the door, drop a puppy onto the street, and drive off!


Since the puppy was on the street, Harcrow was worried she would get hurt – so, he picked her up before she could run off.

Because the whole thing happened so fast, Harcrow didn’t have time to get the license plate number from the car, but he got the puppy to safety.


Harcrow took the puppy to a Hughson Police Department, and she was eventually picked up by animal services. They are now trying to find her a new home. Hughson Police put a post on Facebook saying that the puppy is happy and will be at Stanislaus County Animal Shelter for anyone interested in adopting her.


When Harcrow dropped off the puppy at the police department, he rushed off so fast, he didn’t leave his name!

He was later identified by his co-workers after his good deed showed up online! Jessica Lafferty, a UPS supervisor, said he is a good guy, and they are proud of him!


Can’t imagine what would drive a person to just drop a dog off in the middle of the street! Especially a cutie like this one! I hope she finds a home soon! Share away, people.

Image Credits: Hughson Police Services

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