Urgent Call to Save Sweet, Timid Patches From Euthanasia List at Overcrowded Shelter

Patches, a tender-hearted and gentle young pup, is in dire need of a loving home. He is currently housed at Pima Animal Care (PACC) and is struggling with the shelter’s challenging environment, especially due to his timid nature. The shelter is at its maximum capacity, making it difficult to provide each dog with the individual attention they need to thrive.

Patches has made significant progress during his stay at PACC, but he urgently needs to continue his journey towards confidence in a nurturing home environment. Here’s what the volunteers who have spent time with Patches have to say about him:

“Patches is a Mr. Sensitive kind of guy: quiet and shy with one of his ears always up and the other down. He loves to stroll around the park and is a very good walker. He doesn’t pull and checks with his handler for directions. This cutie is a bit reserved when it comes to touch but you just have to take it slow and get to know him first. Deep down this timid dog is super sweet!”

“Patches is a good dog and a great walker. He doesn’t pull and is attentive to his handler. You can set the pace and he walks politely next to you. I wish the public could see how beautifully he walks with volunteers. Patches is nervous and doesn’t do well in the noisy shelter environment and often doesn’t show well in his kennel because of it, but this gentle boy is simply scared. Patches needs a quiet home where he can decompress and a family who will be patient with him. He’d love many neighborhood strolls so he can get to know his people and build trust.”

During his time at the shelter, Patches has shared his kennel with other PACC pups and has been tolerant, appropriate, and independent. He showed interest in other dogs during playgroup sessions but also enjoyed playing alone in the sandbox. Any potential adopters with resident dogs are encouraged to arrange a meet-and-greet to ensure a compatible match.

Patches is approximately 3 years old, neutered, up to date on shots, and weighs about 50 pounds. He has been at the shelter in Tucson since September 24, 2022, and is past ready to find his forever home.

PACC is currently at critical capacity, resulting in the creation of a euthanasia list, which includes Patches and others who are at risk. If you can adopt or foster Patches, please email pacc.adopt@pima.gov immediately for an adoption or foster application or for any additional questions. Patches can be found in Kennel D046, and his ID# is A787783.

Please act urgently! The shelter is overcrowded, and the lives of Patches and many others hang in the balance.

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