URGENT: Man Seeks Help to Locate Dog After Tornado in Kentucky

Rugar is missing, following the Tornado that ravaged the Graves County area of Kentucky, and Matt James and Brie Keys are trying to get the word out to any and everyone in the hopes of finding their 2-year-old Blue Heeler. “That’s the only thing I wish I had, the only thing I can’t find. Nothing else matters,” James told Local WPSD News. He had held Ruger , who was tied to a post in the corner of the garage, as the two hid between the wall and back tire of Jame’s truck. The entire structure was tossed up into the air, James having the 6X6 ripped out of his arms. James, injured, found the post, but there was no sign of Ruger.


Ruger is a 2-year-old neutered male Blue Heeler, with distinct markings and a docked tail.  

He was wearing an orange Remington collar with his rabies tag.  Microchip ID:900164000805421. The couple asks you to share their posts online about Ruger.

You can also email the family at helpfindruger@gmail.com.

There is a public Facebook page, “Help Find Ruger.”  

You can also call 740-975-6404 or 740-973-6850 if you think you’ve spotted Ruger.

Ruger was last seen near Nelson Ln. by McKendree Church Rd. near Mayfield, KY Graves County.

Of additional note, ff you’re missing a pet or think you’ve found one, call the Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter, (270) 251-0130, to notify workers. 

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