Urgent rescue at Dallas shelter for four adorable shepherds found as ‘strays’

At Dallas Animal Services, four adorable puppies need help and need homes. The puppies were found together at the 3400 block of High Vista Drive in Dallas. Their stray hold ended on Sunday, and now they are all in danger of being euthanized because of overcrowded conditions at the shelters.

There are two females and two males. They are irresistible to look at, and they are estimated to be five months old.

Here they are:

Cadillac: A1190730 Female

Lambo: A1190731 Female

Bentley: A1190278 Male

Porsche: A1190729 Male

According to volunteers at the shelter, it’s likely the owner of the puppies had tried to sell them, and when he had no luck, he abandoned them.

And here they are – four precious lives hanging in danger because of irresponsible and careless owners. Please share their plights- follow their stories here. And if by some chance, all of these puppies have been lucky enough to find homes, there are so many more who don’t get social media posts who are just as much in need of homes as these puppies.

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