Urgent rescue required for this stressed little pup with no more chances

Introducing Xavi, a one-and-a-half-year-old terrier mix weighing eight pounds, who faces a critical situation at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. If we can’t find a solution by Thursday, September 14, he may sadly be euthanized. His story is truly heartrending.

As per shelter records, Xavi originally arrived at the shelter in March 2023 as a stray. A woman surrendered him after having him for a few weeks, citing that Xavi had bitten two people. One of these incidents didn’t break the skin, and the details of the other remain unknown.

Subsequently, Xavi was placed in a foster home and later adopted. However, this month, his adopter-owner returned him to the shelter, citing concerns about “stranger danger” and an incident in which he bit the owner’s wife, though the skin wasn’t broken. Xavi re-entered the shelter on September 9.

Regrettably, Xavi hasn’t been adapting well. Here are his medical observations:

Medical: Xavi is approximately a year and a half old and has been neutered. The clinic has faced challenges processing him due to his behavior. He has been initiated on anti-anxiety medication due to signs of FAS (fear, anxiety, and stress).

Behavior: Xavi displays fearful behavior – his ears are back, he attempts to hide behind his bed, and he shakes. He also frequently snaps at the leash, trying to bite it. While outdoors, he relaxes somewhat, but his tail remains tucked, and his body remains tense. It is not advisable for him to be placed in a home with children under 15.

Staff Notes: Kennel staff were able to place him in his kennel and remove his slip leash without issue. However, on the following day, when the same staff member entered his kennel, he emitted a low growl when they attempted to leash him.

Rescue Request: The beautiful Xavi urgently requires rescue due to his fearful behavior. Given his previous incidents and his present demeanor at the shelter, he isn’t suitable for the adoption program. Xavi needs a rescue organization that can invest time in addressing his “stranger danger” issues, and he may benefit from assistance from a professional trainer for behavior modification. It’s recommended that he not be placed in a home with children under 15 years old.

Animal ID: #A2148320

White / Brown
Neutered Male
8 lbs.
1 Year 6 Months
Arrival Date: 09/09/2023
Location: Palm Beach

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Xavi, please contact PBC-ACC-Rescue-Request@pbcgov.org.

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