Urgent situation for Wang Wang in NYC shelter

Wang Wang, a charming German shepherd, will sadly see his life come to an end this Thursday at the Brooklyn division of New York City Animal Care Centers. Devastated volunteers, who hold him dear, depict him as follows:

He is extremely devoted, loyal and protective of his family, and with them and anyone he gets to know and love, he is a wiggly sweet, affectionate and loving boy.

Wang Wang simply requires some time to become familiar with individuals, but once he’s at ease, he greatly enjoys snuggling up and leaning in for some soothing rubs and comfort.

Watch his video:

Wang Wang found himself surrendered despite no wrongdoing on his part. His family’s reason was financial constraints, leaving him in search of a fresh, dedicated family. He seeks a lifelong commitment and security. In exchange, he promises to be your ultimate companion, staunch supporter, and valiant guardian against the world’s adversities. Having a hero is invaluable. Let him fill that role for you. The first step is becoming his hero by rescuing him from the shelter.

“TO BE KILLED BY BROOKLYN ACC THURSDAY 31 AUGUST 5 YEAR OLD SHEPHERD WANG WANG 179053 RESCUE ONLY SINGLE PET HOME SINGLE PET HOME NO KIDS UNDER 13 HE NEEDS A FOSTER OR ADOPTER WITH A RESCUE Wang Wang lived with 7 adults and 1 child When at home he likes to follow you around. He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and chew bones. Leans into petting, sits near handler, rubs head into handler I know “paw” and love toys!”

Most recent enrichment notes:

August/26 PM:
“Wang Wang was at the front of his kennel, and was easily leashed when the handler approached him. He walked out of the room and joined two more handlers on a walk around the block. Wang Wang displayed a soft posture around the familiar handlers and took treats and listened to cues. He sniffed the grassy area, relieving himself when he found a spot. On his way back into the building, Wang Wang became stiff and lunged at another dog. The handler had to find his footing when Wang Wang lunged. He was maneuvered away and saw some people standing in the pens. He became tense, but did not react. At first, Wang Wang refused to go into the building but recovered and walked in. He walked to the behavior room without issue. In the room, he took treats and gave paws. He played with a stuffed toy and ran around a bit. Wang Wang walked back to his kennel without issue.”

Wang Wang is listed as “rescue only” and needs to be placed with a New Hope rescue. You can read more about this beautiful boy by clicking here.

If you would like to foster or adopt a NYC ACC dog please PRIVATE MESSAGE NYC Dogs Lives Matter at https://www.facebook.com/NYCDogsLivesmatter or email NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com so they can assist and guide you through the process.

Please share Wang Wang’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and this boy needs help NOW.

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