Used For Breeding And Then Discarded, Will Puddle Ever Find A Home?

When Puddle was first found, she was emaciated, covered in mange, and totally withdrawn. She was brought to the local pound. In spite of her state, she was still very sweet and very gentle.

Volunteers worried she would never find a home. She had two strikes against her already: She looked sickly and she’s a Pit Bull.

Since it was Christmas time, people were flocking to pet shops and breeders to get shiny new puppies, making Puddle even harder to place. So, Sidewalk Specials stepped in, took her for proper medical treatment and then placed her a foster home.

She could finally rest easy…

Puddle’s spirits began to lift. You could see hope in her eyes, something that certainly wasn’t there before.

Then… she got her holiday miracle. A human saw her photo online and fell head over paws in love with this deserving dog.

Now Puddle’s sad life is a thing of the past! She will never go hungry again. She will never have flies swarming her sickly body. She will NEVER feel unloved. Puddle got her miracle and her family got a wonderful dog!

See Puddle’s inspiring video below! Warning: You may shed some “feel good” tears!

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