Utah Girl Reunited With Dog After Two Years

This past Friday, Phoenix Lowe and her dog were reunited after two years and about 1700 miles of separation.  Tilly had wandered off one day while in the care of another person back in 2013, and seemingly disappeared.

When asked about how she felt having her dog back after such a long time, Phoenix said, “Really happy and excited!”

Jennifer, Phoenix’s mom had learned that Tilly had been located only a day or so before the Friday reunion.  She had been in the vehicle at the time the call was received, and could barely contain her excitement.

“I actually had to pull over, because I got the word on my way home from work,” she said.  “I think I screamed in my car.”

When Tilly was first lost, the family spent as much time as they could looking for her.  They searched everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found.  Tilly did have a collar with identification on it.  She was also chipped, and the information on that was up-to-date as well.  It seemed as if they would never see Tilly again.

Tilly was finally located and brought to Lost and Found Pets of Lexington, Kentucky.  This is where Tilly came in contact with Christine Stoops, who would eventually drive Tilly all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah for the happy reunion.

“This is one of the best experiences I could ever be involved in,” said Christine.  “It was absolutely worth it.  I can’t ask for anything more than seeing Phoenix’s face, along with Jennifer, and just being a part of bringing Tilly home.”

Christine said the trip home for Tilly was covered by donations.  For Phoenix and her family, they feel a bit more complete having their Tilly home, safe and sound, with them.


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