Very Good Boys Help Their Sick Mama Recover By Doing Adorable Chores For Her

Whenever a dog mom or dog dad comes down with a cold or sore throat, it’s always good to have dogs nearby for cuddles and companionship. Dogs are the best healers on the planet since they provide so much love and comfort. An example of the amazing powers of dogs can be seen in a recent video made by a dog mom who was recovering at home from an illness.

The woman decided to have a stay-on-the-couch and watch a movie day with her two adorable pups. At the start of the video, she asks the two dogs if they want to watch a movie with her. Suddenly and without missing a beat, both dogs turn around as if to go fetch something for their mom. Within moments, both cuties come back with an item in their mouths.

The big black dog gives his mom the remote while the Golden Retriever brings her a DVD of the dog-themed movie, “Homeward Bound.” She is so proud of her pups that she tells them to go get a snack and a drink. For a few moments, both dogs appear off-camera and then reappear with a snack and a juice packet for their mom. The fun doesn’t end there, as the doggos are asked to go get themselves a snack.

Press play on the video below to find out what they received for being such good pups!

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