Vet Comforts Dog After Surgery By Rocking Her Like A Baby

 I can understand why some dogs are scared of the vet. It must be terrifying for them because they don’t understand why they have to go to this place where people poke needles in them.

And can you imagine how frightening it must be for a puppy to wake up from surgery?

That’s why when a shelter puppy woke up very scared from her surgery, a vet immediately calmed her down and comforted her by rocking her like a baby.

The puppy named Baby Meesha was coming off from her anesthesia and she was very scared because of how weird her body felt. A surgical assistant named Dennis Moses took action by taking her into the quiet hallway, hugging her tight, and rocking her like a baby to comfort her. One of the volunteers happened to catch the sweet moment on video. Check it out!

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