Vet in India Designs Special Cart to Allow Injured Dog to Walk Once Again

A veterinarian in Bengaluru, India designed a specialized device that has allowed an injured dog to be able to walk again. The cart is custom fit to the dog’s specific body structure, and built to allow for maximum mobility.

A video was taken showing Dr. Madan Kompal fitting the dog called Tommy with his new wheels. They allow his hind legs to be completely suspended from the ground. He can then use his front legs to get around, and the positioning of his legs and the wheels allows him to maneuver quickly and safely.

According to reports, Tommy was hit by a car. The injuries were very serious, but he did survive as you can see. Even though he was alive, he was left unable to use his hind legs. Dr. Kompal found out about Tommy, and decided to help. The cart is a fully original design according to the doctor, and is very easily adjusted to fit just about any dog comfortably.

“It is my own invention,” said Kompal. “The customized cart can be easily fixed and dismantled just by tightening or loosening a clip. The height, width and length of the cart can be adjusted as per the dog’s convenience. The 10-inch wheels of the cart with ball-bearing make sure that the dog’s plastered hind legs do not touch the ground and the animals is not stuck in potholes.”

To see the video, click here.

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