Vet Kisses A Frightened Puppy As She Wakes Up After A Scary Procedure

Even though this adorable little puppy named Meesha was in the care of some of the most talented veterinarians in the world, there was no way she could know that calming fact. Even though she was healthy and full of life, when she realized she was surrounded by strangers, she was understandably nervous and a little bit scared.

The BARCS Animal Shelter is the largest shelter in the Baltimore area. With an amazing team of volunteers and veterinarians, this shelter provides amazing healthcare for all the animals that make their way to their door. In order to control the animal population, BARCS spays, neuters, and takes good care of all the animals that come into their system as they reach out to the community to get these animals adopted!

But there’s no way little Meesha could know any of this. As the effects of the anesthesia began to wear off, she began to cry and whimper simply because her body felt so weird. She felt woozy and didn’t know where she was, and her response was totally understandable for anyone in a similar position.

But when Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses heard the puppy’s cries of fear, he picked up little Meesha and brought her to a more quiet hallway. This amazing moment would never have been seen or heard were it not for the random luck of another volunteer who came across the beautiful scene. The volunteer instantly brought out their camera to record such a heartwarming moment.

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