Vet Ranch Rescues A Blind Puppy From Death Row And Helps Him See Again

As a veterinarian, Dr. Matt of Vet Ranch has seen his share of tragic animal cases come through his clinic doors. With his nonprofit hospital, Dr. Matt takes in as many of the animals in his area as he can that were left abandoned and neglected by cruel owners. From young kittens to elderly dogs and everything in between, he tends to all of the ailments inflicted upon them. Thanks to kind contributions from viewers, he’s helped countless critters heal inside and out.

And luckily for this sweet puppy, Dr. Matt stays hard at work even on his days off. When he received a text about the poor thing coming close to being euthanized, he didn’t waste a moment grabbing the little guy and bringing him into the clinic. That’s when he noticed something other than the mange and malnutrition clearly keeping this pooch from being his happy, healthy self. Approaching the skittish pup, who Dr. Matt named Rem, he realized that he was also suffering blindness likely due to toxicity. Even if he weren’t already on death row at the shelter, it’s unlikely Rem would have survived much longer.

In good hands now, Rem was given a bath, treated for his skin condition, given good meals, and spent time socializing with the doctor’s own dogs in their backyard. After a few weeks, the improvement was astonishing. Dr. Matt shows off the brand-new pup with a silly “electromagnetic technology” camera trick at the end of the video.

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