Veteran and Emotional Support Dog Find Themselves Homeless


While the US military does provide for its servicemen and women after they finish serving, veterans sometimes fall through the cracks.  Combat medic Darla Stange is one of them.  She was assured that she and her emotional support dog, Gimli, would be provided with lodging upon their return to Washington, but that wasn’t the case.  Now they’re staying in various unsavory motels, and would love a place to call home.

This plea comes from SPC Stange:

I never thought I’d be here. Basically begging for money to get by. I am almost six years on active duty, and have honorably served my country all around the world. I am less than five months from getting out medically from multiple injuries – four surgeries and PTSD. I was prescribed an emotional support animal to help with the stress I was enduring – Gimli. He saved my life. I was in Germany when they decided to send me back to Washington in July of 2015. Through lack of communication in the Army channels, I was dumped at a new post with my partner in crime and no funding for a house. I have gutted nearly all my savings in renting rooms and hotels for my dog and I to stay, waiting for Army paperwork and funding. I am asking with the utmost humility to help Gimli and me get back on our feet. I am scared thinking how this situation has placed me as a soldier upon exiting the service.


I was really struggling after multiple injuries and surgeries were ending my military career sooner than I wanted. I was struggling with severe depression.  I was headed down a very dark and spiraling path with very little hope for my future. Just when I had all but given up, Gimli came into my life.


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  1. Tyler Rafferty

    When you were prescribed your Emotional Support Animal was it by licensed mental health professional and did you receive a letter to give to your landlord(s)? I used MyPetCerts for my ESA letter and have been able to let my 100lb puppy live with me in no-pet housing. If you would like to check them out to see if they can help you and Gimli I can give you a referral code for a discount.

  2. Darryn F.

    Hi, Mr.Dog! Maybe you were given an Emotional Support Animal certificate and a vest with some tags. You need a licensed medical professional to prescribe you ESA prescription letters. I would definitely recommend getting yourself such a letter with Emotional Pet Support at they even offer discount codes too:

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