Veteran Hoping to Save His Dog’s Broken Heart

This plea comes from Chad Stamper:


About Zoey:
Hello, Zoey is a year and a half old shepherd mix, I rescued her approximately one year ago from a no kill shelter after returning home from the military. She is a very sweet, loving, happy rescue who loves playing with her friends at the dog park, going on bike rides, runs, nature walks, playing at the beach and so much more. However, this has all since been limited and put on hold to lessen the damages being done to her heart until I am able to have her surgery done.



Zoey’s cause:
A couple months ago she was diagnosed with a grade 4-5 heart murmur and upon her echocardiogram it was discover she has severe type a valvular pulmonary stenosis, restricting the blood flow to her lungs, forcing certain parts of her heart to work much harder, which has begun thickening the walls of her heart. Eventually this will lead to a premature cardiac death if not taken care of. We are asking for donations of any size to help us get one step closer to saving Zoey’s heart.  Thank you!


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  1. monica

    Zoey I hope people read this story you are a sweetheart and raise money for your surgery.I am happy that you have people that care about you and that is awesome I love your picture you are a beautiful dog I like a update.

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