Veteran Tears Up On Camera When He Says THIS About His Military Dog…

Lance Cpl. David Pond spent months in Afghanistan during deployment with his military dog, Pablo, by his side.

Together, they overcame several dangerous incidents while searching for hidden bombs. They formed an unbreakable bond, as we’ve seen from other servicemen like U.S. Army Specialist Tyler Roberts.

“He was my rock. He was my foundation. All I knew was how to be deployed with this dog,” Pond told NBC News.

In 2011, the two were separated when Pond returned home. During the interview, Pond held back tears as he spoke about dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and missing Pablo every single day.

“I don’t have kids, but it’s my son. It’s the closest thing to a son I have,” Pond added about the loyal pooch.

That’s why Pond worked hard to get back Pablo, who was stationed at a Marine base in Georgia. He even started a petition on addressed to the United States Marine Corps. It had more than 180,000 signatures.

“After more than a year of psychotherapy and a regiment of medications, I feel I have come to a plateau. This is why I feel that being reunited with Pablo would be the best thing for me. Our bond and the experience we share will help me make progress in my recovery and find happiness once again,” Pond wrote.

Pond got his wish and was finally reunited with his best friend, as you’ll see in the emotional video below.

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[youtube id=”JqAsIuCoJCg”]

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