A Veteran’s Service Dog Was Stolen From His Yard By A Friend, But Now She’s Home!

Various veterans of the Iraq War returned Stateside with PTSD connected with the violence they seasoned to witness even though they fought for our location.


War veteran Francisco Torres coped with his person PTSD with help from his German shepherd companion, TJ. This pup was gifted to Torres quickly soon after the war and has provided that grown to be a component of the relatives. Torres and his spouse, Angela, have been stunned to discover one particular certain early morning that TJ seasoned absent missing ideal away.

Even though viewing surveillance footage from their safety cameras, they saw any person coaxing TJ by means of the entrance gate. The film led them to speculate that the puppy was prevalent with her abductor, due to the fact it also exhibits her wagging her tail.

Get pleasure from the film down under for even far far more about TJ’s abduction.

Offered that building the nightly information and facts, nearby law enforcement have been in a position to acquire TJ and reunite her with her distraught entrepreneurs! TJ was uncovered unharmed, and due to the fact information of her return are unknown, no arrests have been developed.


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