Veterinarian melts our hearts as he croons Elvis song to frightened dog

And now for a veterinarian who will melt your heart with his kindness this Saturday morning. Meet Ross Henderson, a veterinarian at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado. Not only does Dr. Henderson fix broken bones, remove kidney stones and all those lousy things that happen to our dogs, he is also a part time singer who carries his guitar to the office and croons Elvis songs – just for some needed stress relief and relaxation.

The handsome veterinarian takes his patients’ emotional well-being very seriously. Often when the dogs are stressed, Dr. Henderson , who is 6’5″ tall will crawl into the biggest kennel he can find in the office and just sit with the dogs to help release their stress. Then there’s his other method of soothing the nervous pooches – yep; you’re right; he strums his guitar and sings them songs. When Ruby, one of the patient’s at the clinic seemed very nervous, Dr. Henderson sang an Elvis song. And as he sang “Can’t help falling in love,” Ruby relaxed, cuddled up on the good doctor’s lap and peacefully closed her eyes for a well deserved stress free snooze.

Don’t fret – there are plenty more songs; even original ones applicable to “doggy love.” What could be more perfect?

Go to Fox Hollow Animal Hospital’s Facebook page and follow some of the comments; guaranteed to make your heart smile too!

(Photos via Fox Hollow Animal Hospital Facebook)

Video: Check out Dr. Henderson and Ruby:

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