Vets Provide TLC for Dragging Victim: Investigation Underway

Just days after a horrifying incident that saw her dragged behind a truck, abuse victim Molly gets some much needed TLC from a team of vets in Nanaimo, BC.

Suffering from extensive road rash, the Wirehaired Pointer was dropped off at the Nanaimo SPCA by her owner, who admitted that he had tied her to the back of his truck Saturday, dragging her at least 500 yards. Officials have not released the man’s name due to a pending investigation.

The Island Veterinary Hospital in Nanaimo is currently caring for the two-year-old dog. Veterinarian Brent Crutchfield said that Molly is lucky to be alive, and that she is the hospital’s current top priority. Frequent bandage changes and pain medication will continue for at least ten days, and skin grafts will likely be required to repair some of the holes worn in Molly’s hide. Despite her injuries, vets say the stoic survivor has been a joy to care for.

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