Video: Adorable dogs smile on command

Need some love this evening from the most adorable and cuddly dogs whose purposes in life may very well be to spread love? In China, one little poodle has all sorts of talents besides nuzzling, kissing and rolling over on his back to show off his cuddly belly. It’s his smile that draws us in – that toothy ear to ear grin that has all of us responding with a toothy smile from us in return went viral.

So we  went searching for more doggy smiles, and the Internet is just full of happy moments. From small guys to big dogs – their smiles are infectious.

So how do you teach your dog to smile?  With a combination of patience and positive reinforcement, your four-legged pal could become an Internet favorite too.

  1. Timing is the trick here. The moment he elicits the desired behavior, reward him.
  2. Tell your dog to smile. Wait a few seconds for him to obey and only give him the treat if he does. Don’t use treats as a bribe. A dog showing his teeth is rather difficult to teach, so it’s important to watch him closely, and the moment he shows his teeth (except in an act of aggression of course) reward him.
  3. You can use other rewards too. The moment he shows a smile, give him his favorite toy. Make sure to lay on the praise whenever you see those pearly whites. Use verbal cues – “Say cheese!” The moment he shows his teeth, give him a treat.
  4. Don’t hold the bag of treats. You don’t want to distract him.
  5. Move from room to room when you are training him.

Now how do you get your dog to show his teeth and reinforce the behavior? Some owners brush their dogs’ teeth, and those dogs already seem to know the drill. Other dogs can be given a bitter tasting fruit or vegetable that instinctively make them show their teeth – just at that moment reward them. Make sure the food used is not toxic to your pet. And don’t forget, you can use this time to teach other behaviors while spending some quality time with your favorite pal.

So the next time your teenage scowls at you, or the garbage disposal makes an ugly grinding noise after something too hard went down the drain, just click on the video of these smiling pooches and enjoy a minute-and-a-half of overwhelming cuteness.

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