Video Showcases Humans Rescuing Dogs Because… They Would Do The Same For Us

Yes, humans do risk their lives for man’s best friend. In flash floods; when they wander into dangerous territory; from a burning house; when they fall in a toxic river; during calamities; when they get lost or; fall in ravines. We risk our lives saving them as much as we would risk our lives saving other human beings. Why? Because they would do the same for us and more.

Dogs risk their lives too to save us from perils; in war; from animal attacks; from our own selves; from our emotions like depression. They are there to pull us out of danger. When we are suffering and going through mental anguish, they are intuitive enough to know and unlike other people, they don’t ask questions but are there to comfort us and to prevent us from harming ourselves. How can we not do the same for them?

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