This Video Will Remind You To Live Life Like Your Dog…One Moment At A Time

Pets teach us how to really stop and enjoy life. It’s easier to do when they’re around, of course…anyone lucky enough to have witnessed a dog happy-sigh into a snuggle position or watched an enthusiastic game of tug-of-war between two pups knows what I’m talking about. There’s a sense of appreciation our pets show for the little moments in life. Arriving home from work, for example, is always a happier experience when it means being excitedly greeted by our best furry friends.

In this short film, which premiered two years ago at the TriBeca Film Festival, filmmaker Keith Hopkin showcases the animals in our lives that remind us to slow down and enjoy. We get to see dogs playing in the snow, on the beach, underwater…it’s a beautifully moving portrayal of the simple and confident way that our pets savor every single moment in life.

What if humans got as excited about getting up in the morning as dogs do about chasing a tennis ball? A little enthusiasm goes a long way, as you’re about to see:
So beautiful. It’s amazing how many lessons we have to learn from our pets. They don’t dwell on the negative; they don’t mope. They thrive. They run. They play. They make even the smallest moments feel important…because they are.

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