Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Dog Tossed Into Rushing Waters By Heartless Owner

When a dog was spotted trapped in Lake Wister Dam, Oklahoma, concerned citizens realized she must have either swum upstream or been cruelly thrown into the water. As the dog struggled to maintain her footing against the rushing current, it became clear she needed a miracle.

A woman named Madison Rene√® posted a video of the distressed dog on social media, calling for help. While several people arrived at the scene, they quickly realized that the dam was too deep for them to enter. With time running out, the dog’s only hope lay in the hands of a group of volunteer firefighters.

Aaron Capell, a volunteer firefighter, saw the online post and immediately gathered a team of over eight rescuers. Armed with a boat and a rope, they ventured into the dam to save the dog. Capell sat in the boat as it was pushed closer to the dog, while the Army Corps shut off the dam to reduce the water flow.

At first, the frightened pup was hesitant to accept help. However, Capell eventually gained her trust, and she allowed him to pull her onto the boat. The team onshore then helped haul the boat back to safety.

The rescued dog, now named Grace, was taken to the Poteau Valley Humane Society by one of the rescuers, Mike Young. Grace’s story quickly went viral, leading to numerous adoption applications. James and Paula Watson, who had recently lost one of their rescue dogs, were chosen to adopt Grace. The couple described an instant connection with the dog and noted that Grace seemed equally excited to meet them.

While Grace’s story had a happy ending, many other dogs at the Poteau Valley Humane Society still need forever homes. If you’re considering adding a new furry family member, please consider adopting a dog in need and providing them with the love and care they deserve.

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