Wait Til You See What This Mama Dog Does When Her Puppy Refuses To Nap

Nap time can be challenging for any mom and baby pair. Usually because the kiddo, whether it’s a pup or a child, simply does not feel like stopping the fun of whatever it was they were doing before they were so rudely interrupted.

In the case you’re about to see, the wide awake little nugget is an adorable German Shepherd puppy. The playful dog prances around the porch and rolls around, falling adorably off his bed as he squirms hilariously. It’s clear that napping is the furthest thing from his mind, until mom steps in.

Watch as the pup gets herded by the top dog in his life, his mama! The older dog patiently leads the puppy to bed and tucks him in. Too adorable!


So many ‘awww’s’ so little time. I love how the pup is so determined, chasing his ball in a latch ditch attempt to avoid sleeping. Completely adorable. How do your dogs react to being put to bed?

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