She Waited For A Custom Wheelchair And A New Family. Then She Got Both!

This poor girl was sadly at death’s door when rescuers found her. She couldn’t even walk. Getting her healthy was going to be a long road but the animal shelter volunteers knew she had it in her to keep fighting. And she did!

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle!

She needed a custom wheelchair AND a home. A family owned company that makes custom wheelchairs made one just for her. Then, when they met her, they fell head over paws in love with her. And guess what?! They adopted her! Does it get any better than this? NOPE!

This kind of story warms you from head to toe. It makes your heart expand. AND it makes you believe that almost anything is possible. There’s certainly enough love to go around so why not?

All animals deserve a loving home, no matter what! Do you agree?

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