Wallis Has Two Noses … And One, Big Golden Heart!

His lovely, golden retriever smile is as friendly and open as any other of his breed and truly, aside from the cleft palate that gave him that interesting mug — he really is no different!

Wallis’ birth defect may have put off some people, but 21-year-old Lana Culley of Poole, England, found his mirror-image mug truly irresistible from the get-go. She adopted Wallis when he was just a pup and cites his unique look as one of the features that drew her to him.

“He is adorable and we knew there wouldn’t be another golden retriever quite like him,” Culley told Caters News.

Although the cleft palate gives him a singular look, it doesn’t actually affect him in any other way.

“Apart from his congenital defect, he doesn’t have any other differences,” Culley told Caters News. “Wallis is unusual looking and always gets a lot more stares when he’s with us. We wouldn’t change him for the world though.”

Since coming home with Culley, Wallis and the family’s other golden retriever, Sunny, have become the very best of friends.

“The pair of them are always enjoying themselves outdoors,” Culley said. “They will often run through the farm together and enjoy going out for walks and swimming in the lakes. He is no different to Sunny and he has no idea he looks any different.”

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