Watch: 14-Year-Old Girl Invents AWESOME Device to Help Her Dog Deal with Loneliness

Think back on what you were doing at the age of fourteen. Maybe you had a summer job working at a local shop or cutting the neighbor’s grass. Perhaps you spent your time reading comic books, watching television and fantasizing about your crush actually liking you back for a change. Whatever it was, it pales in comparison to what this fourteen year old girl decided to do with her spare time.

Brooke Martin is a clever youngster and she decided to come up with an invention that is a true game changer. Many of us hate to leave our beloved dogs home alone each day and we worry about the loneliness that they feel. Brooke took matters into her own hands and developed a device that is known as ICPooch.
The creation of ICPooch was inspired by the lonely feelings that Brooke’s shelter dog (who is named Kayla) would experience each day when she left the house for school.

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