Watch A Man’s Emotional Reunion With His Dog Lost For Seven Months

Nowadays, we can’t stress enough the importance of microchipping your pet. Should your beloved companion get lost, it could make a huge difference in the search effort. And why not take every precaution to keep your pets safe and sound with their loving family? After all, if the tiny chips can bring a man and the man’s best friend together, even after 10 years, it seems like a reasonable thing to do.

We’re sure a family in Fresno, TX, is counting their lucky stars after their dog, Dora, was found — all thanks to her microchip. On July 4, 2012, Dora escaped her family’s yard by jumping over the fence, after being frightened by the loud fireworks.

Her distraught family searched for her, but as weeks went by, the possibility of finding her was diminishing by the day.

Seven months later, volunteers at Collin County Animal Services scanned the microchip found in a dog picked up in McKinney, TX. As it turned out, the pup already had an owner.

That’s when Dora’s family received a call: their friend and companion had been found!

Witness the heartwarming reunion — Dora’s reaction to her owner is simply amazing.

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