Watch This Bulldog Puppy Battle His Greatest Enemy: A Water Bottle

When you’re a small pup, the big world is chock-full of intimidating items waiting to jump out and spook you. It could be a silly toy controlled by your owners or, like in this baby bulldog’s case, it could be a simple bottle of water.

There’s no telling exactly what it is about the stationary H2O container that strikes fear into little Humphrey’s heart, but his reaction is so precious and hilarious it doesn’t really matter.

Watch the full clip to hear his adorably “ferocious” yelps of warnings and threats to his water bottle bully.

[youtube id=”vnqywtFJUw8″]

As the fight stands now, the water is winning, but pretty soon he’ll be big enough to squish that bottle like a bug. That is, if he ever manages to get over this delightful fear.

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