WATCH: All This Dog Needed Was Someone To Accept Him…And A Little Adventure!

Everyone can relate to the feeling of being misunderstood. At some point or another, we all feel out of place, and it turns out our doggie companions often feel that way too! In this touching Dr. Pepper ad, a loveable mop dog ( more accurately, Hungarian Puli, a breed that has been herding sheep in Hungary for 1,000 years) wanders the streets in search of some understanding and acceptance.

First we see the little guy sleeping on a cardboard box, then wandering dusty streets and train tracks. We see him pass by two other dogs and their human, a scenario which sadly doesn’t seem to be part of his reality. In fact, it isn’t until he sees a mop that he seems to perk up a bit.

Then, a kind Dr. Pepper delivery truck driver spots the adorable pup trailing behind him, and welcomes him aboard. What follows is a tear-jerkingly sweet portrait of a finally happy dog, head out the window, tongue flopping, wind in his unique hair. Watch the whole video below!
Never forget that it often only takes a little bit of kindness to brighten someone’s day! You never know, they might have felt alone in the world before it. What did you think of the Dr. Pepper ad?

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