Watch These Dogs Adorably Synchronize Their Head Tilts!

You guys…can we talk for a second about Pugs? There’s just something about them. Their wrinkly faces, their adorable bellies…this is one breed that definitely knows how to turn on the charm.

In the video, three cutie pie pugs sit at attention while their human asks them what they feel like doing that afternoon. The dogs, named Mabel, Minnie and Max, hilariously react to each suggested outing: Do they want to go to the park, for a walk, or for a ride?

Based on their adorably confused head tilts, it’s hard to tell which they’re most excited about! The best part of this video is how synchronized their movements are. Each time the human asks a question, the three move at the exact same time.

Too adorable. So which is it gonna be? A trip to the park? A ride? A walk? In my opinion, this level of adorable deserves one of each! Check it out:

[youtube id=”9uuqXXT7VYo”]

A cute doggie head tilt absolutely never gets old. Do you have a dog that cocks his head in response to certain phrases or questions? Is it the invitation to go outside, or maybe the promise of a game of fetch? Let us know in the comments!

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