Watch This French Bulldog’s Hilarious Reaction When Dad Tries To Tickle Him!

I’m sure all dogs love belly rubs. They seem to be in cloud nine when they get those belly rubs. But does your dog love being tickled? I tickle my dog sometimes and he seems to love it too! But you have to watch this French Bulldog’s reaction when his dad tries to tickle him! It’s both hilarious and adorable!

You can see his eyes watching his dad’s hands. It’s as if he’s thinking, “Hmmmm…what is this about? I wonder what he’s gonna do…” And then his dad goes in for the tickle and he just loves it! And then the tickling stops, his dad slowly moves his hands again, ready for another tickle…You can see this Frenchie’s eyes widen as he anticipates the upcoming tickles from his dad! It’s just too cute to miss!

Wasn’t that just adorable!? I love his reaction every time he prepares himself for another tickle! That surely made me smile today!
Does your dog make the same adorable and hilarious face when you tickle him? Leave a comment below!

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