Watch What Happens When This Dog’s Owner Says “Squirrel” -LOL!

Dogs love to chase things and moving creatures. When something is moving and it catches their eye, they immediately go into curious mode, and chase it to investigate it! They just can’t help it! Dogs are just naturally curious. And one of the creatures they love to chase are squirrels.

This dog loves to chase squirrels so much that even the word “SQUIRREL” gets her going. She’s so obsessed with squirrels that when her dad says the word “squirrel”, she makes the most unusual, funny sound! It’s like she wants to run off and chase the squirrel that her dad is talking about! Watch the video below and listen to this funny dog go nuts over squirrels, that even talking about them excites her!

LOL! What a strange, funny sound!
What does your dog love to chase? And have you ever heard your dog make a sound like this? Leave a comment below to share your story with us!

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