Watch This Officer Go Beyond The Call Of Duty To Help Lost, Freezing Dogs

A police officer in Kansas City, Missouri did something every animal lover will agree is pretty amazing! The officer saw two dogs wandering around in the freezing cold and instead of just making a call to patrol to have them picked up, he made the call then got out of his warm patrol car and sat with them in the freezing cold until help showed up.

A blurry picture of the officer petting the dogs has gone viral on Facebook, and for good reason!

Acts of kindness should never be ignored or taken for granted and this Kansas City police officer deserves a big ol’ virtual hug for going above and beyond his job. He has insisted this is all apart of his job, to serve and protect, and has refused to release his name or do an interview… making him even more amazing in, my opinion.

Wait! The story gets even better!

A couple that lives in the area had been looking for their dogs, doing their own patrol of local shelters. Imagine their surprise when they learned their final patrol would finally be successful!

Their pups were safe and sound, and warm, all thanks to a police officer who considers his job to be as much about animals as it is about people. The family is now reunited and they couldn’t be more grateful!

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