WATCH: One Is Blind, The Other Guides Him. Together, Their Bond Is UNBREAKABLE.

A dog with special needs is probably going to be passed over many times at a shelter. What if the dog was blind AND had his own guide dog? You know, the other dog would help lead him around and assist him – well, Herbie the Dachshund is blind and Hilda, another Dachshund, is his guide!


Herbie, Hilda, and another Dachshund were found, in the backyard of a man in Salem who had once rescued Dachshunds. The dogs had been abandoned.


The man, who no longer rescues dogs, took them to Marion County Dog Services shelter and the shelter contacted Diane Young from Salem Dogs, a local rescue.


Herbie, a light-brown male, and Hilda, a black dappled female, are about 4-5 years old. The third dog was healthy and was quickly adopted.


But the staff noticed that Herbie would walk into walls and knew he couldn’t see well, but Hilda was always by his side.


Because of their unique bond, the shelter knew they had to be adopted together.


Herbie and Hilda were neutered and spayed, given microchips and dentals – then put up for adoption.


It wasn’t long after their pictures were posted that a retired couple from Yakima, Washington, John and Dorothy Sinner, adopted Herbie and Hilda!


The couple was ready to adopt another Dachshund after having lost their 16-year Dachshund in April; they drove 5 hours to come pick up the dogs.

After a tour of the west coast in the family motorhome, Herbie and Hilda will go to Washington to live with John and Dorothy! Share away, people!

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