Watch How A Small Microchip Ended Up Changing This Dog’s Life

One of the responsibilities of being a pet owner is making sure that all their medical records and registrations are up to date.

This could be the difference between life and death if your pet were to get lost. For a small fee, you can microchip your pets so that rescuers and veterinarians can scan them and get them back to you should they accidentally escape.

It might not seem like it’s worth the extra money, but one microchip changed this dog’s whole life.

Driving past an abandoned car, Allison Dunbar noticed a small dog underneath the vehicle, presumably hiding from oncoming traffic on the busy street. Right away, Dunbar knew what she needed to do.


She and her fellow rescuers used food to try and coax the dog out from her hiding spot, but she was frozen in fear.


Thinking the dog might become scared and try running into the street, they decided to put up netting around the car to keep her safely contained.


As the pup became comfortable with her rescuers, she began to interact with them more and more.


Eventually, they were able to get a safety leash around her neck to help guide her out from underneath the vehicle.


In a matter of minutes, our four-legged friend was free.


After using a scanning device to determine if the dog was microchipped, they quickly discovered that she went by the name of Luna. They even tracked down her devastated owner so that they could be together once again!


To watch Luna’s heartwarming story and to find out more about the reason why she went missing, check this out.

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