WATCH The Shocking Video Of One Person Who Does Not Deserve The Love Of This Puppy!

People get puppies for all kinds of reasons. Family pets, home security, a Christmas present for the kids, to help with loneliness, really anytime one feels the need for a companion. Puppies grow into dogs who are some of the most loyal creatures we know.


So when you get a puppy the expectation is you will take care of it right? For the most part yes. This is agreed and the dog receives all the love and care they need. But there are too many stories to count of people abandoning their charges for no reason at all. Dumping them off like garbage.

How could anyone do that you ask? We ask that too. And we depend on the good people of society to help these puppies or dogs find homes. Such was the case of one kind-hearted good samaritan who saved the life of one tiny 10 week old puppy.

A New Mexican man was walking late one night and found a small puppy alone in the middle of the street he assumed he had gotten loose from a neighbor. He went to check the video surveillance of the area and uncovered a much more sinister story.

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After watching the video the good samaritan discovered a car had driven down the street and stopped just long enough to dump the little 10 week old pit bull puppy out onto the street and drive away. The police are looking for the man who abandoned this sweet soul but without a license plate number captured in the video hopes of finding them are low.

The good news is this little pup was saved and the man took him to Kayla’s Promise Dog Rescue and he was renamed Bradley. Tina McIntosh, who runs Kayla’s Promise dog rescue was appalled and saddened that anyone could do this to such a sweet dog. “It’s totally unnecessary; you have so many different avenues you can take if you don’t want your pet, to be dumped in such a way is just cruel and heartless and I will never understand that.”
Happy days are ahead for Bradley as the shelter posted a photo saying he had been adopted! Chances are this time the only time he’ll be on the road again is with his new loving family happy as can be. Thank you to rescue shelters everywhere!

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