Watch The World’s First Ever Corgi Race

Adorable dogs playing sports? Everybody loves it! Remember the Puppy Bowl? Oh yeah! We absolutely love that! And here’s another one you’re gonna love: The Royal Corgi Race!

Everyone, meet Henry, Victoria, Spencer, Camilla, James, Alexandra, Albert, Phillipa, Boris, and Elizabeth! These ten adorable Corgis are gathered in Bedford Square, the venue of the world’s first ever Corgi Race! In celebration of the upcoming birth of the second baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge), these Corgis were brought together to help predict the baby’s name and sex! Hopefully, the winner of this race will be the baby name that Prince William and Kate will choose! Check out the video below and see these cute Corgis run! Place your bets and see who wins the race!

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