Watch These Two Huskies Argue Over Who Owns The Toy!

Have you ever had two dogs fight or argue over one toy? Regardless of how many toys they have to play with, they just fight over one toy. Well that’s the case in the video below. But these dogs are more vocal with their arguments!

Meet Mishka and Laika! Mishka and Laika talk with each other. So when Laika finds Mishka playing with her toy, she immediately complains to her about it. But wait till you hear Mishka’s rebuttal! Mishka is not backing down, so she stood her ground and gave Laika a piece of her mind! Watch the video below and see how this argument turns out! We’re lucky to have subtitles on this one!

They’re both so adorable, especially when they talk! And I love how that other dog just keeps to himself–knowing where the other hidden toy is! LOL!

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