Watch This Dog’s Priceless Reaction After Discovering She Has A Shadow

Sometimes, all you need to make a hilarious video is a camera, a dog, and a shadow. Yup, some dogs have strange reactions when they see a shadow, sometimes even their very own shadow! Remember that video of a dog arguing with the shadow of his human’s hand? Oh we loved that one! And how about that adorable video of a dog jumping at a baby’s shadow, then the baby starts mimicking the jumping dog? That was so cute!

The video we have here for you is a dog who just discovered her own shadow. At first she stares at it…probably wondering what it is. Seconds later, she starts jumping on it! I think she’s trying to catch her shadow! Her humans thought her reaction to her shadow was so priceless that they start taking a video of her! And we’re so glad that they did! Cos we got to watch this hilarious video! Check it out!

LOL! I just love how she jumps and pounces at her shadow! So cute!

Have you ever seen your dog react like this to his/her shadow, or any shadow? Leave a comment below and share your funny stories with us!

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