Watch This Gentle Big Dog Play With His Adorable Puppy Companion

There are few videos that are cuter than a video of a puppy playing, but when that puppy’s playmate is a much larger dog, hilarity can ensue! Such is the case here with gentle giant Hilo — don’t be put off by his toothy grin! This big guy’s true virtue is patience. Puppy Grump can’t seem to get enough of his big buddy’s smile, continuously sticking his head into Hilo’s mouth and trying to wedge his way in between two sets of clearly defined, sharp fangs. Hilo sweetly nudges Grump away, never once closing his jaw or threatening his petite yet persistent playmate.

When Grump can’t seem to get where he wants to go, he resorts to another tactic — shoving his butt into Hilo’s face! You can hear the couple filming the video crack up as a surprised Hilo uses a thrust of his snout to gently whack Grump away.

Still undeterred, Grump keeps coming back for more! Laid-back and chill, Hilo barely moves as his little puppy friend dances around him, whimpering, barking, and just being downright adorable.

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