Watch What This Emaciated Mother Does When She Spots The Rescuers

See what happens to this mother dog as she looks so neglected and skinny when she walks up to the rescuers from Pitbull and Paroles. Watch as she comes right up to this member across the street and seems to be saying “I need help.” This mother is really in need of help and she gets it with the help of these members of this rescue team. This is a sad story at first but ends on a happy note.

Watch this rescue video as this mama dog helps to rescue herself. She comes right up to this rescuer and she is so thin. The rescuer looks into the situation by following the mother home to ask if the owner is home. Turns out the owner is in jail and this is one of the reasons behind this tragic situation. See how the rescuer negotiates with the person living at the residence to take the mother dog home to be taken care of.

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