Watch This Woman Cruise In Her Wheelchair-Accessible Motorcycle With Her Dog!

This could quite possibly be the coolest invention we’ve seen in a while. As summer approaches, motorcyclists all over are getting ready to cruise down highways. Often, their four-legged best friends can’t go with them unless they happen to have a sidecar. And what’s summer without your canine friend?


But this lady has a seriously sweet ride. Her incredibly awesome wheelchair-accessible motorcycle has a perk other cycles don’t – plenty of room for her dog buddy!


These two can cruise the roadway in style together. And unlike other bikers, no sidecar needed! Check out this lady and her dog, ready to go for a cruise:

How awesome is that? There are several models of wheelchair cycles. Not all of them look as though they have room for your best bud, but most of them have room for at least a small pup to ride shotgun. You can check out a few of the different models available, here.

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